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3 Benefits of Using a Hydro Jetter

Today in the modern age, more and more tools have been invented or upgraded to make lives easier. Machines that are used to be operated manually can now be fully functional with one push of a button.

The same goes for plumbing maintenance. To make drain cleaning more convenient, a lot of machines and items have been manufactured. One of the most well-known tools used today in drain cleaning is called the hydro jetter.

When you want to clean your drains, you no longer need to immediately call your preferred emergency plumber Summer Hill company right away. That’s because you can have your own hydro jetter to do the cleaning yourself. Although you need to invest in it since it can be quite expensive, rest assured that your investment is worth it.

What is a Hydro Jetter? 

Before, the majority of homeowners in Summer Hill preferred to use the so-called snakes in drain cleaning. Indeed, snakes have been very effective against clogging. But with the invention of hydro jetters, the ease in drain cleaning became way way better. Especially when the drain requires rapid cleaning, the hydro jetter is more recommended to use than the snake.

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting 

Most problems related to drain cleaning can be resolved with hydro jetting with ease and utmost convenience.

Can Fix Clogs Due to Improper Garbage Disposal 

Let’s face it — we usually overlook the danger of disposing food leftovers down the drain and this can cause clogging. No worries though, this issue can be easily addressed with hydro jetting.

A hydro jet can get rid of any improperly disposed food debris that a regular liquid drain cleaner cannot. Moreover, any debris which has already been pre-deposited on the pipes can be eliminated with this tool, even if the debris has hardened or solidified.

Can Fix Scaling on Pipes

Especially when an area uses hard water, a type of water which carries minerals, scaling is most likely to occur on pipes. Scaling happens when water carries too many minerals such as calcium carbonate. This will result in a build-up on surfaces.

While slight scaling can be beneficial as it can serve as a barrier against corrosion, increased levels can be harmful. This condition may lead to problems like — reduced efficiency of water heater, leaky valves and blocked or reduced flow to appliances.

That is why it’s important for a homeowner to still monitor pipes should there be an increased level of scaling. Should this happen, the best way to get rid of excess scaling is to use a hydro jetter.

Can Fix Tree Root Infiltration

Yes! As silly as it sounds, even tree roots when not maintained or cut properly can also result in pipe problems.

Trees will always find a water source to thrive. Once it detects water even in the tiniest pipe, it won’t hesitate to sneak in. This will develop to clogging and in the worst case scenario, the pipe may even burst. Fortunately, hydro jetting can easily solve this problem. Any tree infiltration no matter how severe the situation is can be treated with hydro jetting.

Nevertheless, every homeowner should be reminded that regardless of the convenience that a hydro jetter can bring, it’s still not an excuse to overlook the maintenance of a plumbing system. Even the most advanced technology has its limits and the most advanced equipment in plumbing is not an exception.