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4 Primary Advantages of Fire-Rated Doors for Commercial & Residential Use

When it comes to an HDB metal gate for households, whether it’s a condo or a landed property, fire-rated doors are among the most common types. From shopping malls to offices, most fire-rated HDB door gates are more than just for your standard residential units. Nonetheless, such safety doors/gates can reassure you by providing a layer you need to ensure protection against fire disasters.

If you’re thinking about investing in an HDB metal gate or door or need commercial door repair orlando fl for your home or office workspace, here are a few advantages you need to know about fire-rated door units:

1. Speeds up exit

Fire-rated doors are fire-proof units that are applicable in situations where fire emergencies can happen. Fire-rated door units can be useful to speed up and ensure the safety of the home and commercial establishments to exit safely without risks. Thus, commercial spaces should also invest in such types of door units.

2. Minimise damage

Whether you’re thinking about a kitchen or bedroom door in Singapore, a fire-rated door also minimises damage caused by fire. Since fire-rated doors are fire-proof by design, you can incorporate this door type in areas where fire hazards and risks are high. It is beneficial in such situations, especially if you have critical assets or valuable items stored nearby.

3. Provides a robust solution

Both residential and commercial properties can utilise fire-rated doors since their natural design is to provide a robust solution for other situations apart from fire breakouts. Fire-rated doors can provide durable protection against burglaries and forced break-ins, the same way as almost every metal gate in Singapore.

4. Contains the spread of fire

As a role in minimising the damage done to interior property should a fire break out, fire-rated doors can help contain and secure other sensitive areas of your home or property. Fire-rated doors can contain the fire in a single room or area along with the emitted smoke and gases, which is critical to the safety of everyone within the property.

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