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5 big benefits of artificial grass in commercial spaces

Are you wondering if artificial grass is suitable for your business premises? If so, read on. In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at the benefits of artificial grass installation in commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and even car showrooms.

A neat, tidy, and professional appearance

In business, first impressions count which is why it’s important to keep the exterior of your commercial premises looking as pristine as possible. Rather than laying natural grass which can easily start to look shabby and unkempt over time, it makes sense to install artificial grass which will stay looking immaculate with the right care. A lush, green lawn can help your business to appear professional and attract more customers.

Incredibly durable

Unlike real grass which can easily become muddy and unkempt, artificial grass can be relied upon to remain in optimal condition. Much more robust than natural turf, it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions as well as heavy footfall. You can expect artificial grass to last long into the future, with good-quality lawns having a lifespan of between 15-20 years.

Low maintenance

Since artificial grass is so hardwearing, it normally requires minimal maintenance to keep it in great shape. As well as regularly removing leaves and debris, it may also benefit from being hosed down with a stiff brush and a mild detergent every so often. As artificial grass Perth is so much easier to look after than real grass, your business will benefit from lower maintenance costs. You’ll no longer require a lawn mower, expensive fertilisers or pesticides and gardening tools.

Pet and child-friendly

One of the biggest benefits of artificial grass for commercial spaces is that it’s both pet and child-friendly. This means that you can invite your customers with pets and children to play and relax on your lawn without worrying about it becoming damaged or it causing any harm. As well as being robust and hardwearing, artificial grass is also non-toxic and lead-free. It doesn’t require you to apply fertilisers and pesticides which can be harmful to children and pets. A professionally installed artificially lawn can quickly become a major attraction to your customers with children and pets.


If you’re trying to improve your business’s green credentials, artificial grass could be a good investment. Even though it’s not natural and therefore unable to perform the same natural functions as real grass, such as converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, it does offer eco-friendly benefits. Unlike a real grass lawn, it doesn’t require the use of excessive electricity, water, and fuel for its upkeep. No petrol lawnmower will be required, which means no excess air pollution. Incredibly, just one hour of petrol lawn mowing can generate as much pollution as four hours of driving.
There are so many benefits to installing artificial grass in your commercial space. To ensure an exceptional finish for your new lawn, make sure you hire an experienced artificial grass installation team.