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6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Clothes Drying Rack in Singapore

Doing your laundry means you would also have to dry them yourself. Leaving them wet for a long time leads to a foul odour due to the growth of bacteria and mould. Although dryers exist, they can be another expense you may not want to add to your monthly expenditures. Therefore, a cheaper alternative to drying your laundry is by using a clothes drying rack in Singapore.

Despite its simple purpose, there are several things you need to consider when choosing a rack for your indoor or outdoor laundry drying. Like buying an appliance, these factors will help ensure that whatever product you get, it will be according to your preferences, and will last a long time.

Therefore, continue reading this article if you want to know more about these 6 factors you need to consider when buying clothes drying rack in Singapore.

6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Clothes Drying Rack in Singapore

1. Number of Bars

One of the top features you need to consider when buying a clothes drying rack is its bars. If you browse online, you would see that there are products with only one bar, while others have more.

Deciding the right number of bars depends on the amount of laundry you normally have. If you’re living with someone, you might want to go for a clothes drying rack that has more bars. However, one bar may be enough to hang all of your laundry if you are alone.

Remember that you need more bars when more people are living in your house. Otherwise, you might end up hanging your laundry everywhere, making your home feel less cosy.

2. Expandable Racks

Aside from bars, you would also see that there are expandable racks available. These products ensure that there is adequate space between your clothes, allowing air to circulate and dry them faster.

Additionally, they can also help save space when not in use. For example, a retractable laundry system in Singapore can transform into a more compact form, providing you with more room for your household items.

However, you need to understand that these racks may either be less durable or more expensive than your regular products. The more moving parts an item has, the more prone it is to breaking. Although there are high-quality retractable racks, they would be more expensive.

Aside from these downsides, you also need to know that the retractable clothes drying rack will occupy plenty of space. Despite its features, it would still take up space whenever you use it.

3. Size


As mentioned previously, a clothes drying rack will occupy space. It doesn’t matter if you get a retractable or a standard one. They will still require space whenever you hang your laundry.

Therefore, you should measure your balcony, room, backyard, or wherever area you intend to place it. Getting an excessively large rack can occupy or even exceed the available space.

Additionally, you also have to ensure that your laundry will have adequate space in between. Otherwise, air won’t be able to circulate and dry your clothes.

Fortunately, you can choose an automatic clothes hanger if you lack horizontal space. Generally, this item will be on your ceiling. Although you would still need to give it some room, they are adjustable and don’t need to touch the floor.

4. Material Composition

Clothes drying racks come in various compositions. Some possible materials include plastic, wood, and metal like aluminium. Depending on your laundry, you might want to choose more durable products, such as aluminium. However, if you’re going for a metal clothes drying rack, ensure that you get an item resistant to rust. Otherwise, you won’t expect it to last for several months or years.

5. Portability


You should consider mobility if you’re planning on buying a regular clothes drying rack. Generally, you wouldn’t worry about moving it from one place to another if you can carry heavier items.

However, consider getting a rack that has wheels if you lack the strength or have health conditions that forbid you from lifting heavy objects.

6. Electric or Not?

If you find dryers too expensive for your budget, you can settle for an electric clothes drying rack. Unlike a standard item, this item releases heat through its bars to help your laundry dry faster. It is an excellent alternative to dryers since they consume less electricity and are generally cheaper.

However, there are pros and cons to this type of rack. The following are some examples of its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Shorter drying time
  • Foldable


  • May dry out clothes and form creases
  • Limited capacity


Buying a clothes drying rack in Singapore is not an easy task. If you want to get the right product, you need to consider numerous factors before making a purchase. Otherwise, you might end up with the wrong rack.

Remembering these 6 factors should help you find the right clothes drying rack. Here is a quick recap to help you recall the points tackled in this article.

First, consider the number of bars you need for your laundry. Ideally, you would want more if other people live with you.

Second, expandable racks allow you to have more room for your laundry. However, cheap products may be less durable, while high-quality ones may be more expensive.

Third, measure your available space and see if the clothes drying rack you intend to buy can fit.

Fourth, you want to check its material composition if you want to get a durable clothes drying rack.

Fifth, consider portability or mobility if you have health conditions that prevent you from carrying heavy objects.

Lastly, an electric clothes drying rack is a faster way to dry your laundry. However, assess its pros and cons to determine if it suits your needs.

After reading this article, if you decide to go for an electric clothes drying rack, check out Steigen and learn more about their Solar products. They also offer standard models for customers who wish to buy a cheaper rack!