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A Guide to Achieve Eclectic Interior Design in Your Home in Singapore

Eclectic interior design in homes in Singapore and worldwide seamlessly blends elements of several design styles into a single space. Eclectic design began in Europe in the 1800s as a way for architects to create unique styles.

3 Notable Eclectic Design Characteristics

The overarching theme of boho and glam eclectic inspires the eclectic design scheme. It uses the same concepts that adhere to a Bohemian style or employs a more saturated and bright palette to achieve a colourful atmosphere for the interior design of a home in Singapore. Here are three notable characteristics of the design concept.

#1 A Mix of Various Visual Elements

Eclectic design is prints, patterns, and textures at its core. The eclectic decor combines disparate forms, compositions, and design elements that would not ordinarily complement one another to create an additional depth or layer of appeal. Using various eclectic design elements to F&B interior design concepts in Singapore and abroad provides an appealing yet comfortable dining ambience.

#2 Fusing Contemporary & Vintage Elements

The eclectic style principle is a combination of décor elements from several eras. Match vintage furniture with minimalist architectural art to achieve this. Some homeowners execute a more up-to-date interpretation with a mid-century contemporary interior design in their Singapore homes with Renaissance touches.

#3 Careful Curation

Many people consider eclectic interior design to be a straightforward interior design concept to use in Singapore homes. However, decorators must painstakingly select the various factors of the idea to ensure that everything fits together. They determine a unifying feature or theme, such as colour, texture, or a distinct focal point.

5 Tips for Pulling Off Eclectic Interior Design

Mixing and matching are what defines eclectic design. You have the power to make any design you can imagine. On the other hand, the absence of regulations appears to be a little daunting. Here are five tips to help you pull off the eclectic interior design in your home in Singapore.

#1 Determine a Unifying Colour or Shade

Determining a colour palette can connect the many distinct parts of your room. Select a few colours that will appear throughout various eclectic interior design elements for your Singapore homes. You may repeat these hues in your area rug, toss cushions, side tables, and floor lamps.

#2 Define the Focal Point

You provide and determine a focal point in an interior design concept for any Singapore space. A focal point in your home may help direct attention to the desired area. It can be an accent wall or a statement piece of furniture. You may also use the aesthetic of this object to inspire the rest of the decor of your space.

#3 Throw Together Patterns, Prints & Textures

Combining various materials may influence how a room appears and feels. Repeat some of the same mismatched patterns and textures across your home to achieve visual harmony. It defines the eclectic nature of the interior design of your home in Singapore.

#4 Combine Various Design Genres

One of the most defining characteristics of eclectic design concepts is incorporating various features from several styles. It enables you to experiment with collections or item combinations to get a sense of what works well together for the overall vibe of the interior design of your home in Singapore.

#5 Incorporate Negative Space

The negative space will offer the eye a respite in an eclectic area. Break up the eclectic home interior design of your house in Singapore. Use neutral hues and vacant spaces to avoid overwhelming the eye or giving a congested sense.


4 Rules to Achieve an Effortless Eclectic Design in Your Home

Unlike what most people think, the eclectic interior design principle for homes in Singapore and abroad should be fun. It is a design principle that thrives in randomness, creativity and imagination. Here are four pointers to put together the best eclectic concept.

#1 Keep the Background Neutral

It is best to use a neutral colour to highlight the colour of every element you use in the interior design of your home in Singapore. The design components in this style are already attention-grabbing. Also, consider incorporating woods, stones, and eco-friendly fibres into your floors, worktops, and décor items. They have enough texture and diversity to keep the background from becoming monotonous.

#2 Concentrate on Creating Symmetry

Balance and symmetry are crucial design ideas, no matter what style you aim to achieve. Recognisable patterns assist in comprehending visual information in the environment more quickly. Include only furniture pieces that fulfil a specific function. It allows your eyes to relax and concentrate solely on the aesthetics of the elements in the interior design concept of your Singapore home.

#3 Colour Coordination

Although the eclectic principle thrives in randomness and mismatched elements, colour coordination can provide a whole different level of appeal. Eclectic design is not forgetting coordination but making it a minor note. Choose a hue that you can use in numerous places across the space. It will allow you to maintain your varied blend while discreetly tying the areas together.

#4 Incorporating Statement Pieces

Using eclectic interior design in your home in Singapore requires a statement piece to highlight your concept. It can be a piece of furniture or a work of art. Make the statement piece the main point of the space to make it work properly. Then, position the other elements in the room to quietly hint at your trademark piece.

The eclectic design principle intends to deviate from typical interior design rules. Interior design experts from seasoned services providers in Singapore will have the tactics and strategies you need to pull off a diverse look. Engage with a reliable firm to best achieve the look you desire.

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