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Everything You Need to Know about Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are one of the top five choices for homeowners looking for new countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms. It is a low-maintenance option that has a great life span and is resistant to stains, scratches and heat. People choose quartz countertops Wall NJ and elsewhere because the mix of natural quartz stone and pigments and resin creates something very desirable. Here is some useful information on quartz countertops so you can make the best selection you can.

What people love the most about quartz countertops

  1. It is extremely durable – What stands out really about these countertops is their durability. They will last for years, need no re-sealing, and are very resistant to heat, scratches, staining and such. This makes them desirable in kitchens and bathrooms that get a lot of traffic and use.
  2. It comes in attractive design options – You can get quartz countertops in all kinds of looks and designs and patterns so you can find the right one for your design plans. Whether you want something more classic or neutral, something that looks like granite or marble, or something more flashy, bold and modern.
  3. It is low maintenance – As mentioned this is a very low maintenance option. Unlike with marble and granite, you do not have to keep resealing them to keep them durable and resistant. Cleaning just needs soap and water and they do not hold onto mold or bacteria.
  4. It adds value to the home – The fact they are durable and easy to look after makes them desirable. Quartz countertops Brick Township NJ can add value to your home.

What you need to be aware of with quartz countertops

  1. Not completely unaffected by heat or damage – While quartz is resistant it is not completely unaffected by heat or damage. Hot pans directly on the surface could one day cause damage and dropping something heavy like your cast iron dropping pan could do damage. Small chips though can be repaired.
  2. One of the mid to high-priced materials – It is not the cheapest option out there. Quartz countertops Wall NJ can be anywhere from mid to upper prices being more expensive than tile or laminate but just a little less than marble or granite.
  3. It requires professional installation – Quartz countertops need to be installed by professionals to make sure it is done properly and without doing damage. It prevents issues later on.

Is quartz the right material for your countertops?

Quartz is a great option for countertops. If you are hoping for an option that is durable and low maintenance, and also has an attractive appearance this is the best one. It is very resistant to heat, stains and scratches but not completely impervious. Consider quartz countertops Brick Township NJ if you need something that fits within your budget and that you do not have to reseal on a regular basis. You can get a wide range of styles, just find a professional who knows how to properly install it in your bathroom or kitchen.