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Hardwood Hacks: How To Maintain A Timber Flooring In Singapor

Wood or timber flooring in Singapore, without a doubt, is the most beautiful type of flooring. Who doesn’t love the shine it has and the boost it gives to your home interior design? However, they can also get pretty dull without cleaning and polishing. Although time-consuming, proper maintenance is essential to keep the stains, scratches, and spots away.

To help maintain your timber flooring in Singapore, follow these five tips.


Daily cleaning plays a vital role in maintaining your timber flooring in Singapore. Time-consuming, yes, but it can help keep the wood in its tiptop condition. Ensure to sweep your flooring at least twice a day, consider during the morning and at night before you sleep. If you prefer using a vacuum instead of a broom, ensure to get one that works best with hard floors.


If you live with pets, you should dry mop your timber flooring in Singapore. Through this cleaning technique, you can pick up and collect pet hair or dander, which is one of the factors that affect wood floorings.


Unfortunately, slip and spill accidents are inevitable. If it happens, ensure to use microfibre towels on your timber flooring in Singapore and spot clean the area with spills.


For the areas with high traffic, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, ensure to deep clean them at least once a week to keep them clean and well-maintained.


To keep your timber flooring in Singapore shiny and clean, use a restorer or waxing products, as these can remove all those scratches and give your wood flooring a gorgeous shine.

Whether you have wood or vinyl for HDB flooring, keeping your flooring as clean and well-maintained as possible is necessary if you want to sustain its appearance and durability. Also, when getting wood or vinyl flooring, only trust a reliable flooring contractor in Singapore.

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