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How To Design A Home Inspired By The Local Landscape

There are a number of reasons as to why a growing number of residents are seeking to incorporate their local landscape into their property design. Primarily, it is the motivation of identity. Individuals can feel more connected with their area, especially one that they call home, by bringing its aesthetic into their living space. It is also a form of celebration, with individuals and families about to design their living spaces with their favourite elements of nearby nature and regional style.

While there may be a great many features, many of which will be entirely unique, the ways in which they can be incorporated into a home often share a considerable deal of crossover. To show you how, as well as inspire your next potential interior design makeover, here are the best ways to design a home inspired by your local landscape.

Regional Materials

The trees, stone, and even soil or your area may all be potential materials for your home’s decor. If you live nearby an area that has a considerable oak tree population, then it may well be worth incorporating this strong and handsome timber into your living space via its furniture. Local stone can be a great foundation for garden designs too.

Certain features, such as pizza ovens and log cabins, can even use specialist materials from the local area or be embellished with details created from regional materials too.

Local Colours

There is an amazing palette to be found in the local landscape, with the natural world providing beautiful colours. With a little learning, these colours can be identified and utilised. Dandelion heads can become yellow ink and sloe berries a beautiful blue, both of which can become the basis for design elements of a home.

Some will even choose to create natural dyes, using clays, soils, and flora to dye their pillows and blankets. These organic and natural colours are not only vibrant and characterful of the local area but also free from manufactured chemicals too.

Shapes And Prints

If there is an iconic or distinct landscape nearby, perhaps a hill or land formation, it can become an inspiration for your own living space aesthetic. Some will have prints or photographs of the site adorning their walls while others take a more considered and demanding approach. For example, those by the sea may enjoy mimicking the horizon with their home’s colour palette, bringing the subtle variations of blue into different levels of their living environment.

Sensory Considerations

Aesthetics are far from simply visual. In fact, many choose to draw from the local environment through aroma and texture. Local flowers or landscapes can often have a particular scent, such as from elder trees, which can be included in a home’s design through candles or dried flowers.

Textures can be considered through furniture, with materials such as willow or wool being an ideal foundation for furniture and blankets, helping a home not only to be cosy but also echo the texture of the landscape too.

To learn more on the way your design choices can impact your wellbeing, please see the resource below on designing with natural elements.

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