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Ideal One-Person Office Spaces: What to Look For

A typical modern open-plan office enables 100 square feet (9 square meters) per person, divided into 50 sq. ft. or 4.6 sq. meters, for a desk, as well as facilities. Since most businesses must take additional facilities, such as meeting rooms, into account when designing their offices, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how much space one person office space for rent will want. The optimum office space strikes the perfect mix between cost-effectiveness and team member satisfaction.

Selecting an office that is the proper size for your company is a vital first step in achieving this balance. If the space is too tiny, your employees will feel uneasy; if it is too large, the impact of overspending on the workspace will be felt by your bottom line.

The quantity of office space required per worker has changed as more companies choose collaborative, coworking space, flexible workspace, and hybrid choices instead of traditional offices.

How to determine how much office space you need per worker

Open offices typically provide 50 sq. ft. or 4.6 sq. meters, each desk and an additional 50 sq. ft. or 4.6 sq. meters, per person for common areas. When determining how much office space you need for your team, a decent rule of thumb is 100 sq. ft/person. This keeps teams close enough to converse effectively during the day and prevents claustrophobic working situations.

Health and Safety requirements on legal office space per person state that “the total volume of the room, when empty, divided by the number of people normally working in it, should be at least 11 cubic meters.” This is in accordance with those regulations.

How much room do you need for amenities in your office?

When determining the size of your room, you should also take the space that amenities will require into consideration. A modest kitchen just requires an additional 100 square feet, but your company may also need to think about constructing conference rooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms. The number of users will determine the size that is needed for these amenities.

Additional crucial factors to take into account while selecting a rental office

In addition to size, you should consider the following things when searching for office space:

  • Office layout: Before making a decision solely based on square footage, consider how the office, such as 620 North LaSalle Office Spaces, is organized. Even with a 1000 sq. ft. office, the difficult layout of the area may leave 200 sq. ft. unsuitable for workspace. A low ceiling or poor natural light may also restrict the amount of usable space.