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Important Documents You Need To Buy a House

The process of buying a house is a lengthy one. However, you can speed up the process to some extent by presenting the right documents at the right time. The type of documents required will depend on the type of property you are buying. To give you a better idea, we have mentioned the documents that are involved in almost all home buying process. Before you set out to new home builders fort erie, you should read this post so you can get all the paperwork ready on time.

  1. Sale deed

The sale deed is probably the most important document as it contains evidence of the sale. Years after buying a house, if you feel the need to sell it, you will need this document. The sale deed is executed after the compliance of the terms and conditions as agreed to by the parties concerned.

  1. Sale and purchase agreement

The sale and purchase document contains the terms and conditions that are agreed to by both the seller and the buyer. For example, the cost of the house after negotiation.

  1. Mother deed

This is another important document that traces the legal ownership of the house. The mother deed is required by banks when a buyer applies for a loan against the property. You can take the help of local authorities to create this document.

  1. Possession letter

The possession letter is created by the builder. It indicates the date the buyer got the property in his possession. However, it cannot be used as a proof as one’s ownership of the property, unless the home buyer acquires the Occupancy Certificate.

  1. Copy of building plan

A home buyer must also acquire a copy of the building plan. However, it should be approved by the statutory body. This is the proof that the property is a legal one.

Unless you have all the documents and agreements ready, the home buying process will not complete. You should take the help of a broker to get all the paperwork ready as they are experienced professionals in this field.