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Termite Control: Non-Toxic Insect Control Solutions That Work

Dealing with insects is not a simple task for property owners. When there is a termite infestation, people usually experience a considerable amount of damage to their properties. Not to mention the money, time, and energy that is necessary to get rid of these vermin immediately and effectively.

There are a couple of ways to get rid of these termites that use chemicals, even though these methods have serious implications in people’s health, as well as living organisms living in the property like cats and dogs. That is why a lot of property owners seek non-toxic alternatives for natural pest control.

The good news is, non-toxic methods of exterminating insect pests can be both effective and safe. These products can help homeowners handle various types of insects in commercial and residential properties. Some companies offer these services that have specialized exterminators who use natural and non-toxic ways to get rid of pests and vermin in the property. They guarantee to take care of this problem and make sure the family and their pets are safe while removing insect problems that are bugging them (no pun intended).

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Non-toxic solutions that work

The bad news is, when termites and other bugs are detected in commercial or residential properties like office buildings, apartments, or houses, their presence can lead to serious issues for most individuals who work or live there. It is a matter of health as some of these insects carry dangerous, even deadly diseases, as well as bring outside germs inside the house or office.

In this industry, some methods are frequently used to control vermin or insect populations. The bad news is, some of these solutions include using potent poisons and chemicals that are, most of the time, very unnecessary. These chemicals can put people’s lives at risk since they occupy the same space.

When extermination firms overuse these things, it can pose a serious threat to people or animals occupying or living in these spaces. Even if they do not come into direct contact with the said poison or chemicals, there is a good chance that they will be exposed to toxic fumes because of micro particles remaining in the air after the process is complete.

But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Because of heightened concern over toxic extermination methods to humans and domesticated animals, non-toxic methods have become more readily available to the public. Awareness and information about the use of poison or chemicals and their adverse effects on humans and pets have made non-toxic pest control methods more favorable among property owners.

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As a bonus, natural pest control techniques are safer and cost less than hazardous options. Of course, the best method – non-toxic or toxic – is always dependent on the kind of pest people are dealing with. Listed below are other non-toxic ways to remove other pests on your property.

Termite traps

These insects live in underground nests, usually a distance away from properties. Scouts leave the nest to look for food. Termite monitoring stations are filled with small pieces of wood that are very attractive to these pests. Property owners will provide termite treatment santa monica, ca with an easy food source by placing these things around the garden and the house. Once they find it, they move in and make it their own. The idea is for these bugs find the station before they find the house or property.

Flea trap

If a person has ever had a dog or cat, they know how big an issue fleas can be. Not only that this insect is a nuisance for cats and dogs, but humans too. Flea traps can be an efficient and effective solution. Flea traps use light and heat to attract fleas from up to thirty feet away. Superglue will keep them from escaping. Once these things have done their job, removing them is pretty quick and straightforward.

Fruit fly trap

Making a Do-It-Yourself fruit fly trap has never been trouble-free and easier. To make an efficient and effective pest control trap, people can partially fill bottles with apple cider vinegar and place funnels on top. If they do not have a funnel, loosely rolled papers can be used to act as funnels. Now, individuals can sit back and wait for the flies to get trapped in these bottles. These insects are able to fly in, but cannot back out.

Mole repellent

If you have experienced moles in your property, you know how hard it is to get rid of these rodents. They can destroy lawns overnight and be a general nuisance to homeowners. Yard stakes emit high-frequency signals that act as deterrents to these rodents and still be safe for pets and humans to fight this pest effectively.

Ultraviolet light trap

Flying bugs are attracted to Ultraviolet lights, so pest control traps that use UV lights to capture them are very effective. These traps use ultraviolet light and fans to draw bugs like mosquitoes and flies in and trap them on electric meshes or sticky papers. These things are great for balconies, patios, and other outdoor places.