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What Makes Ipe Wood Decking All Natural

Ipe wood, or the Brazilian walnut, is a premium hardwood used in outdoor decking and other construction works requiring durability and beauty. Ipe, an immensely dense and complex timber, has become popular due to its long life, inherent rot and insect resistance, and deep coloration. Naturally durable tropical wood, ipe possesses unique attributes that make it the best wood species for decking and outside building.

 Here is a general look at what makes ipe wood all-natural for decking:

Unbelievable hardness, strength, and longevity can be attributed to the abnormally high density of Ipe wood. The dense cell structure combined with natural oils gives ipe more than twice the density of most softwood decking alternatives. The density results in outstanding performance and durability when applied outdoors as decks.

ipe wood decking Florida has exceptional natural durability and a dense cell structure that resists attack by termites, wood-boring beetles, and other pests. Insects are suffocated and repelled by the natural oils while the density and compound structure withstand biting. Fungal infections are also naturally prevented. Thus, ipe wood can be used outside without modifications or chemicals.

From the forest to the final product, reputable suppliers follow best practices for responsible sourcing, processing, and distribution of ipe decking. Ipe tree harvesting logging follows protocols to minimize ecological impacts during its transportation. Primary processing is done near harvesting regions, while finish milling is done closer to the market, which reduces processing emissions and thus optimizes utilization.

In the manufacture of decking planks, ipe timber is usually left unaltered once milled, a process devoid of stains, sealing, or chemical treatments. As a durable tropical wood type, it requires no protective finishes or enhancements for decking applications. Consequently, final decking products are made from pure, untreated ipe wood cut straight out of dense heartwood of naturally-grown trees.

The heartwood of the ipe tree is reddish-brown to blackish-brown, with dark lines in parts of the wood. After installation, this natural richness will darken again until it reaches a deep, warm brown hue. Its silver-gray patina is irresistible when the wood ages. The origin of coloring in ipe is the natural composition of the tree.

 To sum up

Ipe wood is an excellent species for long-lasting resilient decks that survive the elements.  Being a natural property of the tree itself, this implies that ipe decking is made from forest-friendly origins, which remains an all-natural wood product from responsible forest origins to installation. By specifying ipe decking products, homeowners get both style and functionality present in high-density and lifetime stunning exotic hardwood taken from its original tropical homeland.