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5 Most Common Problems With Sliding Window In Singapore

There are many types of windows available in the market, including the casement, French door, centre pivot, and jalousie, but the most common is the sliding window in Singapore.

The sliding windows work by sliding the shutters into the frame. It can use wood or aluminium sliding window frames in Singapore. It does not need outside space and only opens one side of the window.

Here are the common issues with sliding windows:

  1. Jammed tracks

The sliding window is opened by sliding the window pane to the side of the frame, and it uses a fixed track to do it. However, the window pane sticks when there is a blockage in the trail, such as pebbles or dust.

Cleaning the tracks regularly and ensuring the rubber strips are not torn will prevent jammed tracks.

  1. Misaligned tracks

When the person slides the window pane with brute force, it could cause misalignment and deformation of the tracks. It also results in jammed tracks.

The key to prevention is to slide the windowpane carefully. You can also realign the tracks to fix the issue. This issue is common in aluminium sliding door frames in Singapore.

  1. Leaky sill

During rain, the water trickles down from the window pane to the lower track of the sliding window. Ideally, the water drains through the weep holes. Over time, the water seeps through the sill and the glass, causing damage and blocking the trail with debris. It may also lead to leakage.

  1. Broken rollers

The rollers help the window pane slide along the track smoothly. The rollers break over time, and it could cause jamming.

Replace your broken rollers immediately to prevent further damage to your sliding window in Singapore.

  1. Wrong lubricant

Lubricants help your windows slide and glide smoothly and quietly along the tracks. Using incorrect lubricants causes more damage due to increased friction and jamming.

Ask your window manufacturer or installer for the proper lubricant for your window.

Are you installing a sliding window in Singapore? Be prepared to encounter these problems!

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