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A Guide To Securing Your Home In Singapore | Astrol Security Engineering

Even though Google’s search results said that Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and has the lowest crime rate, that does not mean you will be complacent about the safety of your home. Since it is better to be safe than sorry, never neglect the possibility that anything can happen. Thus, you should have a robust security system for your home in Singapore because it can save you and your family in the future.


Remember that the safer your home is, the more peace of mind you will have. Read on to find out the things you need to do to have a safe home.


Part I: 8 Security Tips Every Family Needs To Have A Safer Home




1. Check All Doors

Burglars and thieves are like supervillains in every Disney movie since they are not afraid of anything. They will walk through any open front door with confidence or aggressively kick in a closed one.

Either way, you need to check all doors and make sure they are closed at all times. You also have to guarantee that they are as sturdy as an auto gate in Singapore. So no matter how hard they kick, they cannot break in and steal anything from your home.

2. Reinforce The Windows

Apart from doors, burglars and thieves also consider the windows as their entryway. According to a study, 23% of them often broke the windows so they could steal and rob anything possible.

Prevent that from happening by reinforcing your windows. Here are the different ways how.

  • Install window sensors
  • Put up thick curtains
  • Replace the windows with sturdier glass

3. Replace Old Locks

Replacing old locks helps increase your home’s security system in Singapore, especially if you are renting. Keep in mind that the previous owners of the house you are currently staying in might have extra copies of the keys, and changing the lock is the best way for them to trespass on your residence.

Also, old locks tend to have a lot of rust, so it is easier for burglars and thieves to pick them up and unlock the door. When replacing old locks, you should get the one with the highest quality for better security.

4. Invest In Fingerprint Door Access System

Another thing you need to do is invest in a fingerprint door access system. This door is much harder to unlock since it requires a specific fingerprint, which burglars and thieves do not have since they have a different pattern of fingerprints.

With a fingerprint door access system, you no longer need to hide your keys under the pot or anywhere outside your home. After all, the print of your one finger is enough to unlock the door.

5. Keep The Outside CleanAnd Bright

If the outside of your house is not clean and bright, burglars and thieves might think they can steal anything without getting caught red-handed. The only way to prevent that is to keep your outside clean and bright as much as possible. Doing so will deter anyone who wants to trespass into your house.

6. Be Wary Of Strangers

Even though you are no longer a kid, you should still be wary of strangers.  There are more bad people in the world than you think, which is why you should never trust anyone easily and let them get inside your home.

7. Get The Kids A Dog

Since you are not always there for your kids, you should consider getting them a dog. Since dogs are man’s best friends, they will protect your kid from any harm, especially from strangers.

8. Introduce Yourself To The Neighbours

Besides having a proper CCTV installation in Singapore, introducing yourself to your neighbours and improving your relationship with them can help secure your home.

When you are far away from your home, they can keep an eye on and keep your house safe. If they notice anything suspicious, they will consider calling the police.


Part II: Common Home Security Mistakes That Put You And Your Family At Risk

1. Oversharing On Social Media

While social media allows you to reach out to your loved ones, you should never overshare anything about yourself. Posting everything you do on social media might prompt bad people to stalk you and steal something from your home.

When using social media, make sure to only share the least important things about you. The fewer you share, the better. No one will know where you live, and that keeps your family safe.

2. Leaving Ladder Lying Around The Yard

Whether or not your auto gate is under repair in Singapore, you should never leave your ladder lying around the yard. If you do so otherwise, you are only encouraging others to rob your home by claiming up using your ladder.

Prevent that from happening by storing your ladder in the right place. So if there is anyone who plans to rob your house, they will have a hard time trying to climb up the second floor.

3. Exposing Valuables to Outsiders

Even though it seems to brag about your assets, exposing them to outsiders can lead to something else. They might get jealous and prompt them to consider stealing from you, so you should consider using thick curtains so none of your valuables will get exposed outside from the glass windows.

The Bottom Line

Increasing your home’s security system in Singapore is never a waste of time, effort, and money. Everything you will spend to have a secured home is all worth it if you could save the lives of your loved ones and the assets you have worked hard for years.

Start securing your home now since prevention is the answer to a safer home. Give your family peace of mind so they will have a good night’s sleep and feel that they are always safe whenever they are at home.

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