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Do Photo Canvas Prints Last for Long?

One of the reasons why we take photos is to capture our beautiful memories and store them to be cherished in the future by us and our future generations. Everything under the sky has a lifetime and nothing lasts forever. The same applies to our photos too. They don’t remain the same after several years. They fade, turn yellow, the edges get eaten away, it can tear and so on. If this is the case with our regular photos, then how about our canvas prints. Do they too undergo the same transformations? Do they last longer or do they deteriorate much faster?

Looking at the canvas paintings that are hundreds of years old we can safely presume that canvas prints will last longer when compared to our regular photos. But the actual life of each canvas print will depend on the specific conditions in which they are displayed. Some of them are displayed in well-protected environments and they are not exposed to too much of bright sunlight, dust, heat and so on. Whereas others may be in direct sunlight at least for a couple of hours every day depending on where they are displayed. Some of them may be under highly humid conditions. We can easily guess that canvas prints in such conditions will have a lesser lifetime.

Some of us will prefer to mount our canvas prints with a glass covering whereas others would prefer to have the natural looks and not mount it with a glass plate. When it is not covered by a glass plate, the canvas prints will be exposed to dust which will deteriorate the quality of the canvas prints over time.

Besides these factors, there are other factors that are inherent to the canvas prints which affect the lifetime of the canvas prints. The first factor here is the quality of the canvas used. All of us know that we get different grades of canvas and not all of them are of the same quality. You cannot expect canvas prints in a poor quality canvas to last for a lifetime.

The second factor here is the quality of the ink used in printing. This is one of the most crucial factors that decide your canvas print’s lifetime. Inferior quality ink will start losing its color over time making your canvas prints look ugly. When your canvas printing company uses poor quality printing and on inferior quality canvas, you can be sure that your canvas print will not last for long. So here ultimately the quality of your canvas printing company determines the lifespan of your canvas prints. Only when all the above factors that we discussed above are at their optimum level we can expect our canvas prints to last for long. So do take your time to find the best canvas printing company and find the right place to display your canvas prints. as one of the best UK canvas printing companies offers superior quality canvas prints that will last a lifetime at the most affordable prices.