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About Granite Countertops

Granite is a famous stone for countertops in the kitchen.

Kitchen countertops made of sturdy granite are trendy because, in addition to appearance, functionality is what counts in the kitchen. For example, are also popular Countertops of plastic or made of wood. Exceptionally high demands are made on the material for the worktop, as it is subject to heavy daily use because here you chop, quickly put down a hot pot, spill, and much more. The material requirements are as varied as they are demanding: it should be robust, insensitive to scratches, water-resistant, heat-resistant, easy to care for, durable – and of course, it should also have a beautiful design and match the overall appearance of the kitchen. We’ll tell you everything about the coarse natural stone granite in pro stone countertops and its use in the kitchen.

Natural Stone Granite As A Material For The Countertop

As the famous saying “bite on granite” suggests, granite is a tough rock and therefore extremely resistant and resilient. That makes granite perfect for use in the kitchen. It is scratch and cut resistant and, thanks to its heat-resistant surface, immune to hot pots or pans.

The natural stone is created more than two kilometers below the earth’s surface through the slow solidification of liquid magma (rock melt) and is, therefore, one of the so-called igneous rocks. The older the stone, the better its technical properties such as density, flexural tension, and abrasion resistance. The stone slabs’ size varies depending on the variety and occurrence and can be up to twelve meters in length.

Granite is a tough rock that comes in different color variations.

Looks And Types Of Granite Countertops

Granite worktops are available in various colors, with many different drawings, and from different origin countries. Their composition is based on irregularly arranged mineral grains such as quartz, feldspars, and mica. The color scheme depends on the components and regional conditions at the mining site; the palette ranges from light gray and blue to brown to yellow or red. While gray and red granite is relatively cheap, blue and anthracite-colored stones often have their considerable price. Incidentally, the most important characteristic of real granite is a quartz content of at least 20 percent. As a real natural product, each granite stone is unique, which gives the kitchen an extra dose of individuality. Granite is directionless, so it has no grain,

The most popular types of granite include:

Epprechtstein granite from Bavaria

Knaupsholz granite from the Harz region

Bohus Grau Tossene from Sweden

Petras Salgadas from Portugal

By the way: black granite does not exist in natural form. Mostly it is the deep stone “Gabbro,” for example, in the musical variants “Nero Assoluto,” “Star Galaxy,” or “Belfast Black.” It is often used when a black one work surface with granite-like properties is desired.

 Black Granite Top In The Kitchen

Black worktops look particularly elegant and of high quality. Thus, deep stone gabbro is used, as the color does not occur under the natural granite stones.