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All about the Thermostatic Valve

Did your old radiator valve stop working? Why not opt ​​for a thermostatic valve? The latter stabilizes the temperature of a room, regardless of variations in the outside temperature. Except that, you don’t know much about it…

Rest Assured: you will know everything about the thermostatic valve in this belimo valves article!

The Advantages of a Thermostatic Valve

Choosing a thermostatic valve means benefiting from many advantages; for example, since it allows you to regulate the temperature of a room without it varying according to the outside temperature, your house will not be overheated or underheated. This is a significant asset, both in terms of comfort and energy savings (up to 25% on your electricity bill, all the same)!

Also, it is a simple object to use, of great precision and, above all, very easy to maintain because it just needs to be cleaned with mild detergents. However, a little manipulation is necessary: ​​when spring or summer arrives, leave the tap open so that it does not block the following winter.

How Does It Work?

The thermostatic valve has a probe that automatically detects whether the room temperature is lower or higher than desired. It takes into account the various interior and exterior factors such as drafts, the sun, the number of people in the room, etc.

Then, the thermostat regulates the flow of hot water to control the heat released. You won’t have to do anything!

The Different Types Of Taps

There are two types of thermostatic valves: those with a mechanical head, and those with an electronic head.

Mechanical head valves are the most commonly used; you probably even have one (or more) at home! They come in the form of a graduated knob with five positions that you turn to adjust the temperature. Simple, right?

More “modern”, thermostatic electronic head valves have a screen showing the degrees of the room. With great precision, they also have the advantage of being able to program the temperature according to your presence or absence.

Final Words

As a professional plumber, there are many things that you can apply to make your work easy and efficient. One of those things are what we discussed in this article. We hope this article will have a positive impact on your work. 

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