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Area rugs to add a special look

Decorating with carpet in the area is one of the easiest ways to update, revitalize, and beautify your home. The carpets can add dramatic color and design to each room; create a focal point or define areas; add warmth to the appearance of the tiles, the stone, or the concrete; protect wood floors or wall-to-wall carpets, and elements of the union of a room together. You can change the carpets when the stations change and take them with you if you move. It is not surprising that the carpets of the area are of great interest to the DIY decorator.

Some things to think about

The color is probably the most essential element in the decoration and must exceed the list of its requirements when selecting area carpets. If a room has many bright colors and looks very busy, choose a neutral color and a subtle design for the rug. If the colors of the room are soft and neutral, you can add a touch of color and interest with a bright carpet and a dramatic design. If you want to improve the color scheme that exists in a room, select a rug that repeats the dominant or accent colors; If the color scheme has not been chosen, buy the rugs of your dreams and decorate the room around it.

The pattern on the carpet should not collide with patterns in the wallpaper, window coatings, cushions, and other fabrics in the room. Dark colors add warmth, and light colors will make the room look more spacious. The amount of traffic is also a consideration. If there are children or pets, or the carpet will be for constant use, dark colors and intricate patterns will not show dirt as much or as fast as light colors.

If you buy a bathroom carpet, make sure the colors are compatible with the color of the bathrooms. It is also important that a carpet in the bathroom is not negatively affected by moisture, especially if it will be under your feet when it comes out of the shower or bathroom.

Maintenance is an important consideration when choosing carpets for the bathroom and the kitchen, living room, or room. Select designs and colors that do not show dirt, are resistant to spots, and are easy to clean.

It is a good idea to add filling under a carpet because not only will it prevent the carpet from moving, but will also extend its life, absorb the sound and facilitate the vacuum cleaner. If you are placing a carpet on the wall-to-wall rug, choose a thin low bitch coated with an adhesive.

Check the size you need

If you want an area rug to cover most of the floor in a room, the same bare floor must be exposed on all sides of the carpet, even if the room has an irregular shape or there is a closet or fireplace that is extended in it.