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Ways to open a uPVC door without a key?

There are several situations when the homeowners are left to wonder how they might open uPVC doors without a key. It might be when the keys are not turning in the locks or they have somehow managed to lock themselves out of their homes. If you go to Google and search for how to open a uPVC door without a key you will find several articles and a lot of YouTube videos depicting different processes to get the work done. But, all these methods are destructive and homeowners would have to pay later to install a new lock on their door. The best way would be to visit the website and hire a professional locksmith to get the job done at a reasonable price.

But, in these articles, we will discuss a few ways of opening the uPVC door without keys if you have no other way around but to do it yourself.

Opening a Locked UPVC door with the help of a drill

One of the most widely circulated videos on social media platforms demonstrates how to open uPVC doors using a drill. However, there are significant limitations to this technique, especially for homeowners facing a lockout situation. In such cases, access to a drill may not be readily available, and even if it is, attempting to drill the uPVC door can lead to damage, necessitating a costly lock replacement.

Furthermore, it’s essential to consider that this method may not always be successful. Locks designed in accordance with British Standards are specifically engineered to withstand forced entry methods like drilling. As a result, attempting to bypass these locks through drilling may prove ineffective.

When confronted with a lockout situation or the need for locksmith services in Leeds, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional local locksmith. An emergency locksmith, available 24 hours a day, can provide immediate help without resorting to potentially damaging and unsuccessful DIY methods. By opting for a locksmith near you, homeowners can ensure a more reliable and efficient solution to regain access to their property.

Besides, if you are not a professional driller, chances are rare that you will be able to drill at the right place. Therefore, your best bet is to take the help of a 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith so that you can get back into the home without breaking the lock.

Opening a Locked UPVC door with the help of a screwdriver

Another popular method that is widely believed to help you to open uPVC doors without a key is by removing the escutcheon plate from the door with the help of the screwdriver. But this technique will also not be very helpful because to successfully remove the escutcheon plate one needs to have access to both sides of the door. Another technique, quite popular in novels and films, is to pick the lock with the help of hairpins or bobby pins. But once again, unless you are a burglar or have an experience in lock picking, you would not be able to enter the pin and move them in the right position needed to open the door. Mostly, either you will end up breaking the lock or the lock would get stuck with the hairpin.

To avoid replacing the lock, the best way once again is to take the help of professional locksmiths to help avoid the replacement of locks.

Opening a Locked UPVC door with the help of lock snapping

This is one of the ways that is used by the burglars. Lock snapping means the use of brutal force to break the lock and leave the mechanism exposed so that one can tamper with the lock. This will leave you to replace the lock of the door even if you have snapped the lock of the door by yourself. But, if you have anti-snap locks installed in your home, it is designed in such a way that you would not be able to break the lock even with the help of extreme force. Another risk is that the neighbors might suspect you as a trespasser and the police would be called.

Best way to open a uPVC lock without a key

Advice that professional locksmiths would give you is to either call the emergency locksmiths to gain entry to your home if you have misplaced your keys. Inform the locksmiths to replace the lock if you are not able to find the keys to them. The more damage you do to the locks by trying to open the lock, the more you need to pay the locksmiths to cover up the damage done to fix or replace the locks.