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  Glass Roof In Singapore: Everything You Should Know

The world continuously changes every second. Brilliant minds of today discover new products, services, and methods that could enhance the lives of many. Among the numerous industries that classify the various branches of work, the field of interior design and home improvement is one of the many areas of specialisation that encounters frequent changes. Massive parasol units dot Singapore establishments in one season—but the next thing you know, green tunnels and vine-filled trellises have replaced them. These interior design trends come and go, but a few stick for their one-of-a-kind looks and innovative features.


The glass roof is one of the Singapore interior design trends that captured the hearts of many homeowners. Also known as skylights or roof lights, glass roofing transforms any room into a magical space that allows inhabitants to connect with nature. According to various sources, glass roof-like structures made their first appearance in the 14th century. People wanted to illuminate their architecture with sunlight, leading to the invention of roof lanterns. These innovative building components allowed ancient buildings to allow natural light to enter while withstanding moisture and wind. Since glass-making technology was not yet at its best back then, architects used roof lanterns instead of attaching glass directly to the roof of their structures.

As the years passed, glass-making methods have improved—allowing builders and decorators to build skylights in churches, museums, homes, and commercial establishments. They place them alongside tile, concrete, or metal roofing in Singapore structures, adding an enchanting feel to the architecture. But despite its beauty, not everyone is keen on having a glass roof. They may have misunderstood its function or are not familiar with the benefits they could get from it. But is having a glass roof a brilliant idea, or should you stick to getting an aluminium composite panel or other Singapore roofing types?


   I.        Are Glass Roofs A Good Idea?

Numerous home improvement trends arise now and then, but some do not last because of their impracticality or unsightly appearance. But the glass roof has pleased numerous Singapore residents, making it an evergreen interior and exterior design. But what can people get from having glass roofing? Scroll through to find out.

A. Enhanced Interior Lighting

Unlike full concrete or metal roofing, glass roofs can illuminate a room without turning on a lightbulb. As long as your interior designer and builder positioned your skylight, you could let the sunlight into your home and allow it to brighten up your space.

B. Sustainable Option

After installing a glass roof in your Singapore abode, you will need lesser electricity to light up your space. You and your family will consume smaller amounts of energy, leading to lower emissions of greenhouse gases. Moreover, you can recycle your glass roof if it shatters—but it will only happen if it encounters extreme force.

C. Improved Aesthetics

Getting a glass roof would add an ethereal feel to your home. It could also frame the sky perfectly, acting as a natural decor that changes throughout the day. Moreover, your glass roof could add an organic touch to your space, connecting it to the great outdoors.

D. Increased Home Value

Having a glass roof in Singapore would make your dwelling look expensive. If you plan to sell it in the future, the skylight will add a significant amount to your asking price since it has elevated the look and feel of the space.

E. Minimised Noise

If you have ever felt bothered by the pitter-patter of the rainfall, having a glass roof would be your ideal canopy option. Since glass can absorb sound, you will never hear distressing rain noises by getting glass roofing.


II.        Your Glass Roof Installation Guide

If you think having a glass roof suits your tastes and needs, you may be starting to wonder about its installation procedures. But before heading to a home improvement store and purchasing a random panel of glass, keep the following tips in mind to ensure the correct and safe installation of your glass roof:

A. Pick The Perfect Place For Your Glass Roof

Before looking for a glass roof supplier in Singapore, consider its possible placement. Do enough research to learn about the ideal location for glass roofing and ask your builders how they can make it happen.

B. Consider The Support

Glass is heavier than metal roofing. Without frames and supports, it can get cracked and shattered. Before installing a glass roof, learn about the support it needs to prevent it from breaking.

C. Consult With The Experts

As much as possible, avoid getting a glass roof in Singapore without seeking professional help. You may save money for doing the installation yourself, but you could put yourself and your household at risk of experiencing a glass roof-related disaster.

D. Look For A Reliable Supplier

The quality and durability of your glass roofing depend on your supplier. To ensure you obtain the best glass roof in Singapore, look for a distributor or manufacturer that offers the most impressive roofing products that can withstand changing weather conditions.

E. Check The Price

Like purchasing an aluminium composite panel, do not forget to learn about the cost of your glass roof before buying and installing it. See if it fits your budget and is worth every cent you pay.

F. Understand The Maintenance Requirements

Whether you purchase a glass roof or a parasol in Singapore, learn about your roofing or canopy’s maintenance requirements. Doing so will help you understand the ways you can prolong its life.

G. Find A Capable Installer

After picking a glass roof supplier in Singapore, look for a reliable and skilled installer. They should have previous experience installing such glass roofing to ensure correct placement and setup.

III.        Install A Glass Roof Today!

Getting a glass roof in Singapore can be daunting for some homeowners. This roofing type may seem fragile, but it can be as durable as an aluminium composite panel if your installers set it up correctly. Moreover, appropriate installation procedures will ensure that your glass roof looks impeccable whether you are looking at it from inside or outside your home.

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