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Hard Surface Weed Control: Get Rid of Unsightly Growth

No one wants to see weeds sticking out of their pavement, pavers, or other hard surfaces. Weeds are an unsightly plant that grows everywhere. It can be very difficult to control for these weeds, however, there are some things that you can do. If you want to remove and control weeds in your hard surface areas here are some things that you can do.

Corkscrew Weeder

One of the best ways that you can remove weeds from your hard surface areas or areas that are covered in gravel or rocks is to use a corkscrew weeder. Corkscrew weeders are specifically designed to remove weeds and the roots of each weed. If you are able to remove the root of the weed you can help prevent them from growing in the future and reduce the overall amount of weeds.

Weed Killer

One of the best ways to prevent weed growth and to kill weeds before they even start to grow is to use weed killer. You can spray weed killer on any areas where you have weeds, including hard surfaces. This is an easy and efficient way to remove weeds because it takes very little time and effort. You can spray the weed killer right out of the container and it should last for a few weeks or a month before you need to spray again.

Natural Methods

If you are against using chemicals you may want to use natural ingredients to help remove and kill weeds. One of the best methods for killing weeds is to use vinegar. You can add vinegar to a bottle and pour or spray the vinegar onto the weed. The vinegar will eat away at the plant and remove the natural oils of the plant which will cause it to wither away. Vinegar should be a regular part of your lawn management tools. 

Another great natural way to kill weeds is to pour some table salt onto the weed itself. You can use salt on hard surface weeds, however, it should not be used in soil. The salt removes the water from the plant and this causes it to die.

Another great method for removing weeds naturally is to use boiling water. If you do not have any of the other ingredients you can always boil a pot of water and then pour the water onto the weeds. The hot water will kill the plant and the root. This is a very efficient way to kill weeds.

Benefits of Killing Weeds

The main benefit of killing your weeds during your regular lawn care is that it makes the area, especially hard surface areas, look much nicer. Weeds prevent an area from looking ideal because they take away from the view that you can have. If you are able to remove weeds and keep them out of your yard you can have a better-looking lawn.

If you are able to kill weeds when they are small you can help prevent uncontrollable weed growth. If you have uncontrollable weed growth you can spend a lot of time and money, in the long run, trying to remove them. Also, if weeds grow out of control it will present the growth of other plants. If you have flowers, they may be unable to grow due to the weeds. Removing weeds and using the above methods can help ensure that your lawn looks great year-round.

Weeds take the nutrients out of the soil. This prevents flowers, grass, and other shrubberies from getting these essential nutrients to grow beautifully. Keeping your soil fresh and aerated is a crucial part of your regular lawn care. While aerating your soil you may want to check for and remove weeds.