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Home Makeovers: A Handy Guide Of The 5 Most Common Interior Design Styles

Do you wish to start your interior renovation project in Singapore? You must be looking for some inspiration and something different and unique. If you’re seeking some thematic inspiration, professional interior designers are there to help you out! They can discuss the different interior design types to help you create the perfect design.

If you’re getting interior design services in Singapore, below are some popular and common design styles.


When you opt for a contemporary style for your commercial interior design in Singapore, you are going for something naturally fluidic, such as natural light, open spaces, wood tones, neutral colours, and natural textured fabrics.


Touch of the old classic! Styling a traditional interior renovation in Singaporeplays with the old European style, thus, using elements of antique, velvet, silk, wood, and luxury colours.


Clean and crisp are two core flairs of modern style. When you want a modern interior renovation in Singapore, your interior designers will use bold colours, no-frills elements, clean-lined furniture, and smooth and sleek surfaces.


Minimalist style has been the talk of the town lately. For a good reason! Its style focuses on simplicity, free from vibrant colours, minimal yet usable furniture, and ultra-clean lines. If you’re looking for a chance to have a simple yet functional home, go for this design style on your interior renovation in Singapore.


If you want an industrial interior for your renovation in Singapore, your designers will play with high ceilings, old timbers, metal fixtures, abstract arts, and neutral colours. This look creates a style of unfinishedness.

Nowadays, many individuals prefer not to hire interior designers, as their services can get costly. While it is true, there are some who offer an interior design package in Singapore. Take advantage of the promo offers and make your dream home come true in the most affordable way!

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