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Home Renovation Projects For Families: 6 Tips For Curating A Living Space


Running a household goes beyond the idea of providing for your children. Parents maintain a harmonious atmosphere when everyone is around the house. It includes disciplining them to mediate when fights break out or teaching them to become considerate of other people at home. The second duty is ensuring everything is in check, such as keeping a stable supply of food and other essentials in the pantry, cleaning the furniture and other things inside the house, or even preparing meals everyone likes. Overall, one task parents undertake is thinking of home renovation ideas to create a safe space for everyone, and they usually struggle with this.

We are not scaring you or saying anything that might discourage you from exploring home renovation ideas for the sake of your family. In fact, the goal here is to help a confused parent about what things to buy for their kid’s playroom or the expectant mother who wants to create a nursery that speaks.

Gather around, families and parents, because we have helpful tips for you! You can apply these things when contacting a landed property interior design firm in Singapore or browsing through a catalogue for the latest furnishing pieces. Keep everything in mind, and expect to create something nice for the family!


Assessing your needs is one aspect of exploring home renovation ideas because it lets you formulate a problem to solve. Think of it as a goal or purpose behind your personal project for the family. The first step is to ask yourself what you need to do or the goals you wish to achieve. Is it to strengthen the safety of the playroom for your children? Or do you want to curate their bedrooms for better sleep? The answers to these questions are what you will use to plan things or find the products that suit your needs. Second, ask your spouse, children, and anyone in the household to know more about your project. Their answers are valuable because all residents and other people inside should share their thoughts. (Tip: Be extra patient with young children if they cannot express themselves well.)




Aside from asking yourself and your family members for their thoughts about a particular matter, observing the house is a great way to narrow down on a problem to solve. First, look at everything inside. If your children are playing, take note of how they interact with their siblings or playmates, the types of movements they do, and the potential accidents that may occur. An example is realising that you need to change the flooring material when your toddler tripped or when your child had to walk longer than usual to access their toy chest. Here, your home renovation project in Singapore goes beyond aesthetics and visual elements because you are solving an issue!


We are not asking you to invite accidents into your lovely household. What we mean here is being ready for unforeseen and sudden mishaps at home, such as your child dropping their juice box on the couch or when they suddenly fall to the floor. Here, your furniture and product choice should revolve around prevention and minimising the risk of these accidents, such as choosing an HDB interior designthat is friendly for the little ones or crafting a floor plan that makes your life easier. In short, prepare, and be ready for anything that might happen! (Tip: Always think according to the effects because that is how you prevent and minimise the risk of accidents.)


A rug is and will always be a great addition to a dull room needing character and elegance. However, parents might need to reconsider their choices because rugs have some cons that affect children. First, spilling drinks and messing surfaces with their biscuit crumbs is always possible with children. Keeping these interior furnishings clean can be a bit of a stretch if you lack the appropriate products and machines. Second, they look clean on the surface but pack tremendous dirt people cannot see, which can affect your children’s health. In short, be prepared to skip the rug when conceptualising home renovation ideas because they have a few cons you should remember. (Tip: If you wish to stick with them, always practise proper cleaning and maintenance.)




Sure. Everything is about your beautiful children because you love them from the bottom of your heart. However, your home and kitchen renovation in Singapore should be able to tone down the cartoon characters because there is a place for those cute animated beings.

First, try to minimise the presence of these things in common areas, such as the living room where you welcome visitors and the dining room for family gatherings. Subtle notes are perfectly understandable only if you can remove them. The second tip is to create their bedrooms as blank canvases where they can express themselves. Here, allow them to plaster their favourite superheroes or cute creatures from the cartoons they watch.


Adults have no business in children’s spaces and the other way around. It is not about being distant from each other or letting them wreak havoc in the living room. Instead, have individual spaces, such as a cosy resting area for adults after a long day at work to read a book or enjoy music and a play area, so your kids can express themselves and fool around. Your trusted home renovation professional in Singapore can do this by designing the layout of your house or converting an empty room that no one is using. Lastly, practise proper maintenance of these areas because that is how you maximise the living experience.

Creating a safe space for your family has never been this easy because all you have to do is approach an HDB interior design agency for your landed property in Singapore or any other type of abode. Visit their website, and collaborate with ProjectGuru to get started.