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How do you get ants away?

Ants, for many of us, are a common household pest. They get into our food, create messes in our homes, and even invade our yards. If you have been trying to get rid of ants without success, don’t worry; some solutions can help you regain control and keep your home ant-free. Read on to learn how to get ants away.

Identify the Species

The first step in getting rid of ants is identifying the species that have invaded your home or yard. This will help you determine which type of treatment will be most effective. You can do this by taking a sample of the ant colony to a local hardware store or pest control company. They should be able to identify the species for you so that you can take the appropriate measures to eradicate them from your space.

Eliminate Food Sources

Once you know what type of ant has infiltrated your home or yard, it’s time to eliminate their food sources. This means keeping counters clean and free from crumbs and spills, washing dishes immediately after use, frequently taking out the trash, and storing food in airtight containers. Any food sources left exposed may attract more ants into your home or yard, so it’s best to ensure everything is properly stored away.

Set Up Physical Barriers

Ants need access points to enter your home or yard, including cracks in walls or gaps around windows or doors. To prevent them from gaining access to your space, set up physical barriers such as caulking cracks and sealing any gaps with weatherproof sealant or mesh screens over windows and doors. This will help deter ants from entering your home or yard while protecting against other pests like spiders and cockroaches.

Use Natural Remedies

Finally, if all else fails, there are natural remedies to try to get rid of ants completely from your space. These include using essential oils such as peppermint oil or tea tree oil (mixed with water) around entry points; sprinkling diatomaceous earth powder along entry routes; setting up traps with honey/syrup mixed with borax; placing coffee grounds near entry points, and using citrus peels as deterrents because they contain an acidity level that most ants cannot tolerate. All these remedies are natural ways to get rid of ants without using harsh chemicals in your home environment


Ants are pesky pests, but they don’t have to win the battle to control your home. Following these steps will help you identify the species invading your space, eliminate their food sources, set up physical barriers around vulnerable areas, and use natural remedies as needed. With a little patience and effort on your part, soon enough, you’ll have taken back control over your property, along with the peace of mind of knowing it’s free from any unwanted visitors.