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How I Made a Kid’s Study Room using a Study Table with Shelves

After enrolling my child in primary school, I knew I wanted a dedicated space in the house for him to study and concentrate. I didn’t want him to get distracted by studying in the room he shares with his siblings or in the living room, where he might get distracted playing games or watching TV. Luckily, our house had a small spare room that we used to use for storage. A few weeks before summer break ended, I cleaned up the room and got ready to turn it into a child’s dream study room. Here are a few things I got to make the room engaging and fun, such as a bookcase from Singapore.

1. Study Table

The first thing any study room needs is a study table. However, I knew that if I got a plain table for my kid, he would immediately lose interest in studying. I decided to look for an ocean-themed study table with shelves to solve this issue. My son loves the ocean, and many of his toys are stuffed animals or figurines of sea creatures. I wanted to cater to his interests so that he would like to stay in the room. The table I got had a shark design, and I wanted there to be shelves so we could put other ocean-themed decorations on it.

2. Bookshelf

I’ve accumulated many children’s books from raising three kids. Now that my youngest is attending primary school soon, all of my older children’s books have become his hand-me-downs. I wanted a space for all of them so that he could easily find and get any book he wanted. I got a simpler bookshelf from Singapore with sea creatures painted on the sides to match the theme I was trying to achieve.

3. Caravan Bookcase

While my kid loves the ocean, another interest he has is cars. I wanted an interactive way to bring his school supplies and other toys to him, so when I found a bookcase in Singapore shaped like a caravan, I knew I had to get it. I want him to find studying fun, after all, and the thought of a caravan bookshelf bringing his school supplies to him may entertain him enough.

4. Mini Chalkboard

A chalkboard might make studying easier, especially if there was a subject he didn’t understand. I’ll be able to draw out the concepts for him on the chalkboard so he can visualise them better. I got a mini chalkboard and placed it beside his study table with shelves. That way, he can sit comfortably at his study table while I tutor him on any topic he hasn’t grasped.

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