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Porcelain Tiles – Can They Be The Ideal Tiles that You Were Looking For? 

Choosing tiles for house decor isn’t a trivial matter. You have to live in that house day in and day out. So ask yourself, would you be happy living in a house that has just a random floor and wall pattern covered in colors and textures and patterns you don’t even like? Saving you all the guessing and thinking, we’d like to mention it with the experience we have – the answer is no. You will never be happy in a house that doesn’t look the way you wanted it to be. 

The next question that we get the most is, everybody doesn’t have the luxury to pick options for tiles since the brilliant ones are too expensive. And this is exactly where we like to counter people – when you know your budget and the shades and texture you like, there are multiple options that are budget-friendly. Those options that we’re talking about are porcelain tiles. 

The variety that comes in the form of these man-made tiles is no less than the textures you get in natural stones and real wood that are actually the expensive ones. The stunning properties of high-quality porcelain tiles that has made them some of the most enchanting options are as follows. 

  1. Porcelain is Tough

Porcelain tiles aren’t brittle options. They won’t break so easily just with a thump of a foot or an impact of a ball or the fun and frolicking of energetic children and pets or the regular pan dropping that are the usual activities in a happy house. 

So, don’t worry about their longevity – they last for about a decade, even two when cared for, and are perfect companions for generations to come. 

  1. Porcelain is Beautiful

It’s man-made. Doesn’t it speak of the brilliance and stunning variety – the kind of variety that you cannot find in natural stones? You can actually order porcelain tiles in any color or any size or any thickness or any shape you want. You name it and reputable manufacturers will make it. 

Some of the best brilliant colors and shades available at Club Ceramic – the variety that you’ll fall in love with – are listed below. 

  • Apollo beige. 
  • Black Diamond. 
  • Carara White. 
  • Crema Mischief. 
  • Diana White. 
  • Black Rock. 
  1. Porcelain is Moisture Resistant

One of the reasons that porcelain tiles can be used as bathroom tiles and outdoor tiles is that they do not absorb moisture. As a result they do not catch stains so easily. 

Also, did you know that porcelain tiles:

  • Can be glazed, unglazed, matte, and glossy? 
  • Are fire resistant? 
  • Can be designed to mimic the exact look, color, and texture of natural stones and real wood? 
  • Are abrasion-resistant? 
  • Are scratch resistant? 

These are the wonderful benefits of having porcelain tiles in your home. So, do visit a reputable showroom to look at the different colors and styles and feel the texture of these wonderful tiles before you get them installed in your house.