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Who Do You Call for Emergency Hot Water Heater Repair?

Australia experiences four seasons every year. Spring happens from September to November, Summer from December to February, autumn from March to May, and winter from June to August.  Winters are generally cold and the temperature may drop as low as 5° Celsius. This makes a hot water heater an essential part of Australian households.

Bathing, cleaning the dishes, showering, and washing clothes may not be possible if your water heater can’t regulate the temperature of your water supply. Once you’ve noticed some issues with your water heater, you may need to troubleshoot the problem right away. So, who do you call for water heater repair graham wa?

Most Common Water Heater Problems

A hot water heater works hard behind the scene. They regulate the temperature of the water dipping in your faucets, garden sprinklers, sinks, and showers. There may be times that your hot water heater may not work well. Among the most common issues are:

Discoloured Water

Rust in the water may indicate pipe and tank corrosion while dirty water may indicate broken pipes. Any which way, discoloured water is an inconvenient problem that may be caused by your hot water heater. Even if you want to fix the problem yourself, you may need special equipment and tools to check the inside of the pipes and tanks. Thus, you need to call for emergency hot residential heater repair Plainview TX..

Odd noises

Sometimes, your hot water heaters may sound disturbing with odd noises coming from the inside. It may be because of sediments that build up inside your water tank. You can try fixing the problem by flushing out water in the water tank until the noise disappears. But if the problem persists, the sediments may be too great and you will need a professional to remove them.

Water Leaks

The most annoying problem you may encounter in your hot water heater is having a hot water leak on the valves or tanks. It may be due to a bad gasket, broken, faulty, or stuck valve, a leak from plumbing pipes, loose plumbing connections, overheating, or too much water pressure.

You can check your hot water heater lines, valves, and plumbing system to identify which cause the water leaks. But this may be a tedious process, so we recommend seeking the help of a professional plumber or much better, call for 24/7 emergency heater repair el paso tx.

Water temperature issues

The most common problems encountered in the household about hot water heaters are water temperature issues. The water may either be too cold, not warm enough, or too hot. If the water is too cold, the water heater may have a faulty heating element, power line, or thermostat.

If you’ve got some basic knowledge of electrical lines, you can check the circuit breaker or the fuses in it. You can also check the power switch if they’re properly working. If the water is not warm enough, the common cause is having an undersized water heater.

This means that the capacity of the heating element on your water heater may not be enough to produce hot water, so you need to replace it. There are also cases when you may have crossed-connections. To identify crossed-connections, turn off your water supply and turn on the hot water faucet.

If there’s still water running on it, then you may need to call for emergency hot water heater repair to fix the issue. When the water is too hot, you may need to check your thermostat setting. If you’ve made some adjustments but the issue persists, again, you may need to call for emergency hot water heater repair.

Who Do You Call for Emergency Hot Water Heater Repair?

Professional plumbers are the most recommended experts you need to call for emergency hot water repairs. They can replace a blown fuse and fixed malfunctioning heating elements or thermostat issues. They can also easily identify and fix corrosion, crossed-connections, leaks, and water plumbing issues.