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The Best Interior Designer You Can Count On Any Project

Your house is crying out for a makeover, but everything is too difficult for you. It is logical. In interior design it is important to follow a list of guidelines that will ensure that your home will be perfect. Interior design is an art. This is an art whose rules must be understood and respected.

Tips for interior design

The first thing of all is to stop and think. Many people make the mistake of buying before knowing what each room wants or needs. For this reason, and before you start decorating your house, sit down and analyze the space you have.

The importance of space in decoration

The place that is available in each room of your house is the raw material with which you are going to work. Do the math, set your budget, and then analyze the decorative needs of each space. Only then will you not be able to spend more money.

Have a dimly lit room? Is there a space that needs to appear larger? Do you want the living room to be more welcoming? Ask yourself all these questions and write down the needs of your home before doing an interior design reform, then choose the best interior designer that can be up for the renovation task.

Take into account your tastes

It is your house. You have to like it because you are going to live in it . Try not to get carried away by fashions that are too extravagant, not very functional and that, in the end, may tire you. Count on the tastes of your family for a spectacular interior design.

The walls are not painted first

This is a fairly common mistake when it comes to interior design. Paint the walls first and then buy the curtains, rugs, etc. Think of one thing. It’s easier to pick your textiles first and then find a wall color to match them than the other way around.

Find the fabric that you like the most, look for the accessories and, then, you will be able to combine the color of the walls with all of it. You are sure to love it.


Be original: don’t buy everything in one place

To achieve that distinctive touch in interior design, we recommend that you do not buy everything in the same store, because it is most likely that its decorative line is the same. Find different places to buy what you need. And let yourself be carried away by trying new styles.

Take time to wander around different decoration stores. Ask and find out. Write down ideas, but do not rush to buy the first day.

White is not the only color that gives light

Unless you have no choice, opt for other options than pure white. Light gray, vanilla, off-white or pastel colors also have the ability to reflect light and allow you a much wider and more colorful range of combinations.

Play with the colors! Luckily, we have a large number of different shades to choose from on the market. Try to find balance and always opt for eye-pleasing combinations.

Mirrors to save space

This decorative element is not only used for decoration. Mirrors are great allies for small rooms with little light. Its reflection makes the luminosity multiply, as well as the space.However, you have to maintain a certain balance with this object, because it is not about filling the house with mirrors.