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The Right Designs for the Wooden Floors for Your Condo

A wooden floor can be a design element in itself. A wood parquet with a rich hue, combined with bold accents of color, orange, blue or green, gives energy and vibration to the space. While external floor tiles go well outside, parquet wood as well as hardwood flooring are best suited for outside the house. Make use of the for the best choice.

The best parquet for the living room, depending on the colors

Light shades

The best parquet for a living room with personality is one in light shades

For a living room with personality and a dose of boldness, we recommend a parquet with large color variations. If you find it too much, you can try a light shade of parquet, it is easy to match with the furniture and does not stand out so much.


White parquet can have a strong effect in a living room and can play a major role in design

Lately, white parquet has become extremely popular even if it requires constant maintenance. Often considered a common color, white can be the best basis for a bold interior with a unique design. For example, it will highlight a mix of pieces of furniture to obtain an eclectic style arrangement, and your living room will definitely look better than in a monochrome and extremely unitary version. The fact that it offers few limitations can be a big challenge in itself. Without a doubt, it is the best solution to make a small room look visibly bigger, and a dark space will definitely look much brighter.


The best parquet for living room in contrasts: dark parquet, white furniture A dark parquet will attract attention and will have a great effect on the appearance of the room

Contrasting elements always attract attention and value each other. It does not exclude the variant of a dark parquet for the living room and a white furniture or as light as possible. The effect will be a surprising, bold, but warm at the same time, an elegant living room with personality.

The best parquet for the living room – tiles arrange differently, for a space effect

The arrangement of the tiles can give the impression of a room with a lot of space. In this situation, the best parquet will be the one with the most inspired layout

The living room is generally more generous than the rest of the rooms and more airy. In most cases the center of the space remains unfurnished. Take advantage of this and choose a different way of arranging the parquet boards to highlight the floor even more. You can find a huge variety of wooden flooring at London Flooring Shop.

Neutral colors

With a living room in neutral colors you can’t go wrong. Choose the option that offers you the most comfort

There is no problem if you want to go safe and choose the easiest way, a living room in a neutral color, with variations of shade, from beige to dark brown. You will get a simple but elegant and timeless space.