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If you are dreaming of a new custom made headboards, especially these fashion designs. From statement-making imprinted examples to chic covered boards, there’s something here to provide your bed with the right final touch.

Best headboards

  1. Best historical headboard

Made from cane, this of-the-moment headboard comes in two colorways, both of which can help you fix some of the summer’s key stares. For a reliable global bedroom, try the ordinary finish. Or for idiosyncratic country chic, there’s white.

  1. Best patterned headboard

Hold hotel chic with this depraved scalloped headboard from padded furniture specialist KD Loves. It’s intricately made, with lots of care paid to details like piped border and perfectly symmetrical pattern. Amaze visitors in a guest room, or save it for your bedstead.

  1. Best carved headboard

Full expose – this isn’t going to be the most relaxed headboard to lean against on a lazy Sunday, but it will be nice-looking. And you can always add further pillows so it’s not exactly a deal wave

  1. Best leather headboard

We think this hand-woven leather headboard is outstanding value for money. Make it the centerpiece of a craftsperson bedroom, and pair it with natural wood furniture, natural linen bedding, and dark navy or bright green walls that will layer you as you settle down to sleep.

Benefits of a headboard

Afar the cozy feel and warmth it adds to a room, a headboard has many other useful benefits.

Protects your wall from wear and tear

A headboard protects your wall and inhibits the kind of wear and tear you’d expect when you use a portion of furniture daily.

You’re more likely to mark the wall with grazes and scratches if you don’t have a headboard and it’s much easier to hygienic a headboard than it is to renovate your wall.

A good feature headboard is easy to clean

Regularly vacuuming your covered headboard is all that’s wanted to keep it clean. Add to this a scattering of baking soda to remove smells and your headboard will stay looking and feeling like new.

For leather headboards, all that’s wanted is the random dusting and polishing with leather surface wipes.

It creates a central point for your bedroom

The headboard does more than just keep you warm and stop your pillow from down off the bed, it also creates the main point for your bedroom. Installing a headboard will give your room a complete feeling that you don’t get when your bed is simply strapped up against the wall.

There are hundreds of designs and colors to pick from in a range of different materials to ensemble your room’s decor.

It stops your pillow from sliding off the bed

If you don’t have a custom headboard, you’ll know how annoying it is when your pillow slips down between your cushion and the wall. With a headboard, you can inhibit your pillow from sliding between the gaps in the middle of the night.

A headboard delivers support for your back

Whether you enjoy sitting up in bed to speak or you’re lucky enough to enjoy breakfast in bed frequently, a headboard can offer much-needed support for your back. It’s much more relaxed to slim against a fabric or leather headboard than a cold firm wall.