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Top 5 Summer Pest Control Tips

As summer approaches, so does the rise of pests seeking shelter, food, and water in homes and gardens. From ants and mosquitoes to flies and wasps, these unwelcome visitors can quickly turn a relaxing season into a battle against pests. Fortunately, with some preventive measures and effective pest control strategies, you can enjoy a pest-free summer.

1. Maintain a Clean Environment

A clean and tidy living space is the first line of defence against summer pests. Regularly clean all areas of your home, including the kitchen, dining areas, and bathrooms, to eliminate crumbs, spills, and other potential food sources. Pay extra attention to countertops, floors, and hidden nooks where food particles can accumulate. Ensure that your garbage bins have tightly sealed lids and are regularly emptied, as they can attract ants, flies, and other pests looking for a meal. Properly store food in airtight containers to prevent pests from gaining access to your pantry items.

2. Remove Standing Water

Pests thrive in areas with standing water, making it essential to eliminate any sources of stagnant water in and around your home. Mosquitoes, in particular, breed in standing water, and their presence can quickly turn a pleasant outdoor experience into an itchy nightmare. Regularly inspect your property for potential breeding sites, such as clogged gutters, birdbaths, pet water bowls, and flower pots. Ensure that your outdoor drains are functioning correctly and promptly fix any leaks to prevent water accumulation.

3. Seal Entry Points

Bugs and other pests can find their way into your home through tiny cracks and gaps in windows, doors, and foundation walls. Conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior, sealing any entry points you come across with caulk or weatherstripping. For added protection, install screens on windows and doors to keep flying insects out while allowing fresh air to circulate indoors. Repair or replace damaged screens promptly to prevent pests from exploiting weak spots.

4. Maintain Landscaping

A well-maintained garden can deter pests from infesting your outdoor spaces. Trim shrubs, bushes, and tree branches away from the house to reduce potential entry points for pests. Keep your lawn mowed and free of debris, as cluttered outdoor areas offer hiding spots for insects and rodents. Consider planting pest-repelling plants like lavender, mint, and marigold around your garden. These plants release natural scents that help keep certain pests at bay.

5. Regular Pest Inspections

Prevention is the key to successful pest control. Schedule regular pest inspections with a professional exterminator to identify any potential pest issues before they escalate. Early detection allows for more effective and less invasive treatments. During the inspection, the exterminator can also provide valuable advice on pest-proofing your home and recommend targeted solutions for specific pest problems.


Enjoying a pest-free summer is possible with a proactive approach to pest control. By maintaining a clean environment, eliminating standing water, sealing entry points, maintaining landscaping, and scheduling regular pest inspections, you can keep pests at bay and make the most of the warm weather without worrying about unwelcome visitors.