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Topping-up Aircon Gas In Singapore -A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to the gas top up process you will need to choose a company that takes care of the whole process. There are a lot of companies in Singapore that are well suited for performing aircon maintenance. They check the aircon system to find any possible reasons that could result in fluid depletion. Once this issue gets resolved, then the anti-freeze fluid is refilled in the aircon.

What You Need to Understand from a Customer’s Perspective

You need to keep in mind that there may be failure in the most advanced as well as the most well-maintained systems. That could occur if the coolant reservoir does not stay at the required level. In such cases, topping up your aircon gas is the most effective.

The problem of low refrigerants comes from a number of reasons. Leaks can be a major reason, whereas the other reasons are a wrong installation process as well as poor quality copper pipes. Overuse and constant operation could also be a reason.

Refrigerant is not the term a lot of consumers are familiar with at the time of buying the aircon. Even if they know the term, they do not have any idea regarding its use within their unit. So, when the aircons show that the refrigerant level is low, then they seem to ignore the sign. As a result the aircon may stop its work because of not having the right amount of coolant.

A good number of companies in Singapore offers solutions to address these issues. When they check the system and find the proper reasons of the fluid depletion, then they readily refill those parts with anti-freeze fluids, effectively resolving the issue.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

The companies have sufficient expertise to deal with most modern systems and are made according to the standards that are used globally. Either R22 or R410A gas is used for the filing process. Here are the prices for the aircon gas fill ups

  • For R410A gas the prices are from $60 to $150
  • For R22 gas the prices are from $40 to $120

Why Are These Services Essential?

In case the level of refrigerant is low, then it is the best option to go for a gas top up. Having low refrigerant could be due to the following reasons:

  • Leakage
  • Frequent usage
  • Poor quality of copper pipes
  • Incorrect installation etc.

However, depletion from leakage happens to be the most common factor in most households.

If you have multiple units, then contact your preferred aircon servicing company for an accurately priced quotation.

Keep in mind that if you have an existing maintenance contract, then you could just get the gas top-up for free! LK Brothers’ service also comes with a 90-day warranty to cover any unfortunate breakdowns shortly after the servicing, so your money is well spent. Do give their page a look, and feel free to contact them for more information!