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Trends to Look for in Quartz Kitchen Countertops

If marble or granite countertops looks out of your budget, you can opt for quartz countertops, which are equally good. These are comparatively easier on the pocket and provide the same service as marble or granite. Quartz is extremely durable, spill and heat resistant. Moreover, the shine, glaze and designs make it quite popular for modern-day kitchens. 

Here are some trending options that you must check out in quartz kitchen countertops range. 

Neutral colors 

Most quartz countertops come in a neutral colorway. This increases kitchen aesthetic as a whole. Incorporating funky colors can dull the appearance and make everything messy. Instead, opting for neutral colors in quartz kitchen countertops can provide an elegant side to your kitchen. Since quartz is durable and easy to clean, the color also stays for a longer time. 

Marble like shine

Quartz is the only stone that can match the glaze of marble. If not completely identical, it reaches the shining point and aesthetic of real marble stone. The benefit of installing quartz is it is cheaper than original marble thereby, going easy on the pocket yet providing the exact finish and beauty to the kitchen. 

Waterfall like designs

Just like original marble, quartz countertops also come in various unique designs. One of the most popular designs is waterfall like design. In this one, the veins are curated in such a manner that it appears like a waterfall. Moreover, for this design, the slab needs to be in a continued pattern, right down to the fall, to enhance the appearance. Your stone fabricator can easily bend the edges for a safer countertop. 

Leather like appearance 

This option is for the homeowners who like softer look for their kitchen space. Instead of going for the stone look which is more rugged, you can opt for a softer and smoother leather like appearance. Since quartz is a versatile stone, you can get multiple designs when choosing the leather finish. 

Matching backsplash

When you install beautiful stone countertops like that of the quartz, you need to match the backsplash. Getting a matching backsplash compliments the beauty of the countertop. Moreover, it creates a proper continuity in the aesthetic of the kitchen, making it more elegant and classier.

The comptoir quartz Casa Granite range is a thing of beauty, which is both affordable and durable, and will make sure kitchen stand out.