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Four Rules to Follow for a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Do you sometimes find it hard to decide what to make for dinner? If so, renovating your kitchen can feel paralyzing. However, a kitchen project that is completed right will make you feel great about your kitchen. To ensure you make the most out of your project, consider Renovco kitchen renovation. Here are rules to help you the best results at the right price:

Ensure your Outlay is in Sync with your House

Consider capping your project budget at 15 percent of the value of your home. This will help you avoid improving your kitchen more than you need. Costs can run the gamut from $2, 000 for a simple paint-and-hardware upgrade to $50, 000 if you want to install expensive countertops and high-end appliances.

Keep your Floor Plan in Mind

If you can afford to rearrange appliances, ensure to consider your floor plan. Make sure it follows the natural triangular traffic pattern between the fridge, stoven, and oven. Also, the dishwasher must be next to the sink; otherwise, you will always create a mess when you walk across the room with a dripping dish in your hand.

Pay for your Design

Although the designers at home centers, cabinet shops, and kitchen stores will not charge you a fee, they are not working for free. Retailers and manufacturers pay for their services, which limits your choices. Plus, in-store designers, particularly those working at home centers may not have experience with actual renovation work. If you want the best design for your kitchen, consider Rénovation Renovco. The company has experts who can complete your project with precision and in a timely manner. Because your project will be just as good as its design, hire a reputable designer without any conflict of interest.

Expand the Kitchen Without Busting the Budget

If you want a major renovation, now is the best time to expand your kitchen. You can repurpose square footage from a chimney, porch, or closet you no longer use. Also, you can make the kitchen feel much bigger if you don’t want to expand it all by taking down a wall and creating an open floor plan between your kitchen and adjacent dining, living, or family room.

Moreover, if you have to expand, you may need to add a two-foot extension along a whole side of the kitchen by hanging it off your house like a bay window instead of putting it on a foundation. This could save you lots of money.