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Should You Live In A Mobile Home Park?

Before diving into mobile home parks in Michigan, let’s know what they are.

Mobile homes are homes that are prebuilt at factories after which they are transported to a particular site. It can be used either as a permanent home, a vacation house, or a temporary accommodation depending on the user’s needs.

Now, mobile home parks are areas or sites where three or more mobile homes are located within 500 feet of another and share standard water or electrical services. Owners are not charged to keep their mobile home in a mobile home park. Thus it is a great way to live without having to stress about the hassle of property tax. Living in a mobile home and a mobile home park is an excellent place with a great neighborhood.

Let’s Now Discuss The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Mobile Home Park


The best thing about a mobile home park is way more affordable than another home. People do not have to worry about paying property taxes if they live in mobile home parks. You get The Perks of ownership without the hassle of property taxes or maintaining the land. Mobile home parks are age-restricted, so it is an excellent place for people of similar ages to interact. They can enjoy the company of people in their age range. Mobile home parks are also sometimes a great place for families to live in. With its checks and protocols, a mobile home park is a safe and convenient place where families with small children can live.


The main disadvantage of living in a mobile home park is that it is mainly stereotyped equal and looked down upon by people. Also, in mobile homes, the appreciation potential is significantly less. It is tough to sell a mobile home as its value depreciates quickly.

The advantages of living in a mobile home park outweigh its disadvantages. Its value depreciates quickly, and it’s much harder to sell. Thus, mobile homes are a great place to stay for families who want a great neighborhood or retired people who want to live in a peaceful environment with people of the same age group. But if you are looking for an investment, mobile homes might not be the best place to start.