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What Are Mobile Homes And Some Mobile Home Dealers In Michigan?

Before discussing mobile home dealers in Michigan, let us first know what mobile homes mean.

What Is A Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are prefabricated structures built in factories and then transported to a particular site. It can be used either as a permanent home, a vacation house, or a temporary accommodation depending on the user’s needs.

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Homes 

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we will discuss a few such pros and cons which will help you to decide whether a mobile home should be the right choice for you or not. 


The main advantage of a mobile home is its price. As they are mass-produced, they cost way less to manufacture and thus are incredibly cost-effective. Mobile homes are very flexible, and they might be the right option for you if you are uncertain about your long-term goals. Those being low maintenance are one of their other best catches. With a mobile home, you are the house owner without paying the property taxes or additional maintenance fees. 

You have a great atmosphere and neighborhood to live in case you decide to buy a mobile home. They are mainly placed in mobile home parks, which are great for social and cultural interaction. Mobile home’s condensed space offers an excellent room for customization. They provide users with the best opportunity to fit everything in a small space. 


Well, so many pros don’t mean that mobile homes are perfect. They, too, have their downsides. One of the major cons of a mobile home is that its value depreciates quickly, and as time passes, it gets harder to resell it. Moreover, finding home loans to buy a mobile home is very challenging. Traditional mortgages are not an option for the buyers of mobile homes, and they need to seek other property loans like chattels which have a shorter term and higher interest than mortgages.

Mobile home dealers are great to assist you in your purchase. They consult with numerous manufacturers and find the best fit for you. Some may even help you find financing, assist delivery, find land, and so on. 

Some Good Mobile Home Dealers In Michigan Are: 

  • Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community
  • Cedar Springs Mobile Home Estates
  • Sherwood Village Manufactured Home Community
  • South Lyon Woods Manufactured Home Community
  • Woodland Ridge Mobile Home Park